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    Have a WE M14 and would rather use an AEG counterpart?

    I'm trading my G&P M14 looking for a WE M14. The G&P M14 is TM compatible and is probably one of the best M14 AEGs you can get, competing with G&G and CA (which aren't TM compatible but hey there's the cheaper CYMA and E1). The M14 has never been fielded and to me it's basically a wall hanger. I never liked AEGs for some reason and everything is stock. I have not taken it apart or tinkered with the gearbox in any way. I will also add some extra cash to compensate for any price differences in trade value.

    I have 4 midcaps, 2 CYMA and 2 G&P. Will come with a 3200mAh battery and a deans to tamiya connector.

    I'm also open to other GBBRs; the WE M14 would be ideal but don't be afraid to offer up!

    Pictures will be up soon!
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