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Like the title says: I'm interested in 3 trades, and only 3 trades.

The gun I'm willing to trade is valued at 420 dollars.
Because of this, Krytacs and SR25's are going to need to add extras (preferably mags or cash). 417's will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

For boneyards, I'm only looking for items with internal issues. You'll more than likely need to add cash with these so I can afford to replace parts. If it's a 417 I'm going to at the very least need the outer GB shell. Other than that, it's a case by case basis.

What I'm offering:

Kc02: The one in all black has a mix of internal and external upgrades. The list below states the prices paid for each item.

The only real thing of note here is that the rear of the receiver was modded to fit another stock. You will need a new screw to lock this piece down. I will have better pictures on request.

Kc02 #1: 250

- Externals:

- The barrel, body, iron sights and all rails are stock.

- Magpul CTR stock, I believe it's RS: 60

- Magpul pistol grip: 20

- Internals:

- Kc02 Fe70 bucking: 8

- Npas (included but NOT installed): 23

- Brand new Piston: 20

- Magnet Hop-up mod: 4

- Extras:

- Regular GG mag, minor leak. I believe the screw needs to be tightened but I don't have the right sized allen key.

- Angel Customs 380mm 6.01 barrel: 35 (stock barrel is installed)

Total: $420.

This gun has a very snappy blowback due to its small bolt and shoots very very well. It's simply unreasonable for me to have a GBB at school as I need something to grab and go. AEG's are simply an easier solution for that.

Please PM me with questions and offers. Thank you!
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