WTT guns + gear WTTF ak-104 + FSB greenside gear + extras

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    WTT guns + gear WTTF ak-104 + Russian FSB greenside gear + extras

    Hey all,

    So I decided I want to make an FSB greenside kit but don't want to spend any money for one. So naturally I resort to attempting to trade my stuff with you and see what's left to buy lol. Just so you are aware, while I may throw in a few dollars to even the deal, I do not want to actually buy your stuff outright. Possible exception if it is a really good price but it is unlikely. I will be attempting to get pictures up after properly examining my stuff for issues Monday night. Oh, and if we make a trade, I only want to ship my stuff after we both pay each other a previously agreed on amount via Paypal to ensure no issues happen.

    Examples of what I'm shooting for: https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/h...e15/11274330_1590215481231538_416143658_n.jpg


    What I want:

    Cyma or Dboys AK-104 + 4 midcaps
    Tasmanian Tiger mkii chest rig
    SSO, Slavyanka, or Uniformteks Spectre Suit in Skol or Partizan. Must fit an adult medium person.
    Russian leafy camo is cool to offer up as well.
    wrap thing that goes around the face
    whatever the russian-style of bandanna is called to wrap around the head

    Also a WE makarov pistol could be cool.
    I need a new aep glock lower as well.

    What I have to trade:
    JG g36. Will come with 1 highcap.
    2x mp5k's. Each can come with as many mags as you want, provided the deal is good enough. Each mp5k can come with a custom covert weapon deployment case, though it will cost extra.
    Tornado grenade w/spoon kit
    1x XL woodland shirt+pants
    Broken TM m3 tri-shot in pieces. Not sure I have the tiny pieces so only ask if you want to try upgrading a DE tri-shot with a TM tri-shot barrel or need replacement parts for your TM M3.
    External parts for a JG Bar-10
    Cyma mp5 that's missing a lot of external pieces and probably doesn't function at the moment.
    Couple of scopes (yes, they are the kind with magnification)

    Thanks for looking!
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