WTT: Lonex M4/M16 Flash mag + SRC M4/M16 Hicap WTTF: M4/M16 Mid/lowcaps

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    -In trades, if you have lower feedback you ship first. If we have the same or you have more, we set up to ship same day.
    -All items described to best of my knowledge
    -Items will be shipped via USPS unless you request otherwise
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    Up for trade, I have two M4/M16 hicap magazines. One magazine is a Lonex flashmag...if you don't know about the flashmag, it is the latest in hi-cap technology. Rather than having a winding wheel on the bottom, the plate opens up and you have a pull string which winds everything up. One solid pull should be good to empty the entire 360 rounds! If you like hi cap maracas, this is the one to have! The other mag is a metal SRC 300 round hicap. Both mags were tested and work just fine, the reason I am getting rid of tem is two-fold...one...I don't exactly like hicaps, and two, the KA metal body I have on my M4 makes for a VERY tight fit with both of these hicaps. Tight to the point that they have to be forced in and ripped out.

    All of that being said, what I am looking for is an even trade for 3-4 working M4/M16 midcaps or lowcaps. If they are plastic or lowcaps, I would prefer more, but as always, feel free to make me an offer! Trade/sale value would be roughly $40