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I have an AIM-TOP GBBR dragunov w/scope. needs new mag(missing bottom, spring guide, and spring). this gun brand new is $595. I would trade for a polarstar, hicapa, or high end m4. I would sell it for $400. DM me if you have further questions.
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It is the green gas one(which is something i forgot to mention). the one (on evike) that comes with scope comes with a co2 mag.
Here are pictures. It is still available.
Air gun Bicycle part Trigger Gun barrel Bicycle handlebar
Grey Bumper Vehicle Auto part Electric blue
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior
Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
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price is negotiable. it does work.
it is, but im debating whether or not to sell it, but i will still listen to any offers
i would. could u post pics?
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