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[WTT][WTS]AEG parts, masada body, glock mags, and more

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*********READ THIS********​
  • no lowball
  • if i say no, it means no
  • all sales are final
  • i dont ship until i see the payment pending
  • i only accept paypal
  • trades will always be you ship first
  • $20 minimum purchase
  • everything is OBO

      • repro AEG UBR
      • Cyclone plate carrier
      • 7.4 buffer tube lipos
      • anything because im always open to cool stuff
PISTONS(left to right)

  • matrix piston with full metal teeth and vfc style metal piston o-ringed piston head($8 shipped)
  • lonex red piston dremeled down so it can be used for dsg, swiss cheesed, come with a matrix pom piston head($10 shipped)
  • matrix/aim top piston with piston head, full metal teeth($8 shipped)(SOLD)
  • matrix/aim top piston with vfc piston head, full metal teeth($8 shipped)(SOLD)
Hand Finger Cylinder Wood Font

  • SHS 12:1 gears($10 shipped)(SOLD)
  • VFC standard gears($15 shipped)
  • JG DSG gears($15 shipped)(SOLD)
  • G&P standard gears($15 shipped)
  • MATRIX/AIM standard gears($10 shipped)
Rim Font Circle Pattern Metal

  • AIM gearbox (no screws)($10 shipped)
  • Echo 1 gearbox(no screws)($10 shipped)
  • Retro Arms v1 QD v2 gearbox with screws and QD spring guide($50 shipped)
  • G&P gearbox with screws($15 shipped)(SOLD)
Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Airsoft gun

  • GATE NANOAAB wired to a lonex trigger switch(pretty much a drop in)($25 shipped)
Creative arts Gas Electrical wiring Circuit component Wood

  • VFC stock motor($8 shipped)
  • Echo 1 stock motor($8 shipped)(SOLD)
  • ICS turbo-3000($18 shipped)
  • ZCI HT motor without pinion gear($12 shipped)(SOLD)
  • Stock GE motor($8 shipped)
  • Stock G&G "torque" motor($8 shipped)
Material property Cylinder Automotive lighting Gas Tints and shades

  • PROWIN hop-up set($15 shipped)(missing rear clamp)
Electric blue Font Plastic Gas Machine

  • Raptor Arms blue spring guide with ball bearings($5 shipped)
  • G&P spring guide with ball bearings($5 shipped)(SOLD)
  • Matrix Spring guide with ball bearings($5 shipped)(SOLD)
  • VFC spring guide with ball bearings($5 shipped)
Wood Gas Auto part Fixture Cylinder

  • working Eotech replica($25 shipped)(SOLD)
  • Masada externals only with M-Lok vertical grip($70 shipped)(hop-up included)(SOLD)
    *originally wanted to use this for the pts gbb conversion, comes with everything for that conversion if you are considering that.
    *comes with everything needed for it to still be used as an AEG.
    *selector switch isn't locking in place up but still functional.
Gas Tints and shades Rectangle Bumper Fixture


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PM Sent, I'll be happy to take that list of parts I sent you off your hands. Just let me know where to send the money.
Interested in anything I've got for sale to trade for the masada kit?
Interested in anything I've got for sale to trade for the masada kit?
Like I said, as long as it's something cool I'm always interested. PM me with whatever you got.
PM sent about the JG gears. I'll buy them if they're still available.
@ enclave 202020202020202020202020

Automotive tire Tire Gas Auto part Toy


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Do the glock mags work in we and kjw?
There should be no reason they would not be inter-compatible since we and Army glocks are tm clones, but I have no way of testing since I don't have a Glock anymore.
bumpity bump bumpidity boop. Buy $40 and get the ics turbo for free!
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