Wtt/wts: Upgraded G&P M4 for ps4 bundle

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    I have a Navy seal skull face G&P for trade. Will add mags and batteries. I'm looking for a ps4 bundle. Or sell for $350. Here is a list of upgrades.

    - G&P piston (with 3 metal teeth) ****

    - Maple leaf 75deg bucking w/ flat nub

    - Bevel gear (8 stop instead of stock 2 stop)

    - Mosfet (non-AB) with new wiring & motor connectors

    - Evike Monster torque motor

    - Prowin hop-up w/ 6.03 Madbull 363mm tightbore

    *- Re-shim gears

    - Piston head shim (to correct AOE)

    Here is a pic of the gun. I will post a better pic soon. [​IMG]
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