WTTF JPC 1911 stocks attachments ect

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    I have a couple things for trade.

    Plate Carrier ~ I do have a few more pouches.

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1447761176.222617.jpg

    Misc internals ~ 1 bag and 1 box. Bag is a bunch of misc parts. Box is nearly a complete gearbox I believe. At least it was said it was when I purchased it.

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1447761128.985924.jpg

    Misc parts ~ I am missing the back to the laser for now. Will find before shipping I have it somewhere.

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1447761147.510335.jpg

    Will include more for higher end trades

    Black JPCS like so take priority will trade straight across pc for pc or trade all for the right deal. Just for added flavor

    ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1447761282.618985.jpg
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    PM inbound (20 chars)