XCR-L Robinson Armament not firing

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    So ASGI had an event yesterday at D14 and my friend used this gun all day. We were getting ready to go out and play. I switched his battery and fired blank twice and i heard the gear get like stuck half way, so I switched to full auto to un jam it and nothing happened. I try to fire but I get no click what so ever. I tried opening my gun up, and I cannot take the gear box of the body. I took every screw out there is and nothing.... Help please. I am thinking its the trigger but I cant get to it. Anyone with experience with this gun or any knowledge would be appreciated!


    So I was able to get to the trigger and it turns out that the acutal gears are jamming when I try to fire. I take out the motor and it works fine, but when I put it in it shoots once and then nothing. Any idea why?
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