Your opinions on how aggresive you should be in airsoft

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    So there was an incident at my local feild today. I see a guy in the tower and 1 on the stairs leading up to it. I was in a room near it. The kid obviously did not see me so I said "bang bang" (i was about 7 feet away) after about 2 seconds i shoot him once in the mask and then in the neck. He is obviouly in pain after this he had to be like 10 years old. I go up the stairs in the tower And yell "surrender!" It was a teenager my age. He gave me **** about how it was just a game and how I dont need to yell. After that i just said "get the f--- out" and he did. Next game my freind goes in to a room full of a family obviously playing for the first time. He bang kills 3 and then shoots the others. One did not cooperate and he screamed for him to sit down. Then the dad says he should not talk to his son that way. Are we playing to agressive?
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    Well first off, shooting the kid in the mask then neck was uncalled for and irresponsible on your part. You obviously had the jump on him, you had adequate time to aim, yet you took a head then neck shot.

    That aside, for the remainder of the story, it depends on where you're playing and the ages of other players as well as the aggressiveness of their play style. If you're the only one aggressively attacking, then yeah, you're probably overdoing it with this group and need to wait until a more aggressive group is fielded.
    If there are a few of you, OR the entire enemy team is bunkered down to the point where noone can shoot them, then yes in my mind your aggressiveness was justified.
    I'm sometimes and aggressive player myself, when a player/parent gets angry at me, I simply let them [female dog], as I continue my path of destruction. I'm also a super sneaky player, so often instead of banging I shoot in the foot or vest.

    I've only had 1 guy get on my case, then I said "think about where I shot you and be happy I'm accurate unlike yourself." He quickly quieted himself. Most don't understand that it's not a "Bang Rule" it's a "Bang Courtesy", a courtesy I do not accept unless you catch me off guard.

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    To a point playing aggressive ruins the point of airsoft, it's a fun recreational sport. The only times you should be alittle aggressive is extreme mild in games.
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    Shooting the kid was uncalled for didn't have to shoot him in the neck at 7 feet, the rest whatever I don't care if people are aggressive, if I don't like what he's saying I just won't do what he says. If he's aggressively saying something logical, then sure do what he says, not a big deal.
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    Generally I go for a "bang" kill but often people just turn around and try to argue, it's sad but mostly I instantly give in as I'm a younger player and don't want to be on bad terms with any senior players XD
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    The way you play really depends on who your playing with. If you are playing with a bunch of kids with LPEGs that have never played before them you should probably tone it down a lot and teach them so that they will get better and our sport will grow. However if you are playing with a bunch of "mature" people who have put years and thousands of dollars into Airsoft then violence of action is a large advantage. Most people have trouble making decisions under pressure. Yelling commands to your squad and the enemies as you clear rooms, thunder bs, grenade launchers, other noise making devices etc. are all good examples of this and provide a great tactical advantage.
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    A lot of how agressive you play depends on the skill level and experiance the other team has. From your post it sounds like the other team was filled with first timers. IMO you played overly aggresive and had somewhat of a bad attitude. Shooting a 10year old in the neck from 7 feet is uncalled for. Like buster said you had ample amount of time to aim for a less painfull spot. That and it probaly being his first time was probaly a little confused when you yelled bang bang. You didn't have to shoot him, you could have explained to him why he was out.