Your respawn - how long is it

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by jarhead88, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. jarhead88

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    new york
    What is you respawn time at your local indoor CQB field. when you're shot and go back to you base (or do you have to) how long do you have to wait.

    Is it like a 30 second wait to get back in the game or is it instant, touch and go..?

    just wondering because I feel there should be a delay to get back in.. At my indoor field they used to be 30 second respawn.. they had refs in the base telling you when to go back in... now it has been instant, touch and go.

    I have an opinion on it butwould like to see if anyone has the same before I talk about it...
  2. Maxuhmize

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    At the CQB arena I go to, it typically depends on what were playing. Most of the time it's 30 secs-1:00 min. It also depends in where you play as well.

  3. Sparky_D

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    Pierce County
    We typically use 3 minutes or a fixed number of people, like 6 to 10 players in respawn at the same time, depending on the size of the event.

    Sometimes the cadre (referees) will modify the time/number if the game needs to move faster or slower.
  4. Hartman96

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    We usualy don't have one. Just walk into the respawn and go back in.
  5. jarhead88

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    new york
    I ask because i have been seeing an increase in these komakazi airsofters where I go... players just running and firing, giving them selves up for 1 for 1 kills.... or something like it..(and then sometimes talking when they walk back) guys not caring if they get shot because we have instant respawn... so they are right back out there.. I saw a player on my video run into a hallway get shot, then run back into the hallway less then 30 seconds later.. and get shot.... more like rambo then tactical.....
    we used to have 30 second respawn but now it has been instant and I think this is the result.. no consequence for being shot because you don't have to sit out.
    Sparky - i like the # of player thing....

    I just think if a player knows he will have to sit out for a minute if he gets shot they would be less apt to play like rambo or COD and more like the milsim sport we are....
  6. 703

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    At my field once you reach the respawn it's instant. However it' outdoors so depending on where you die it could take a while to reach the spawn.

    For a small indoor field like yours I feel you should have to wait at least 30sec before returning to play.
  7. pmang6

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    Ours is touch and go but you have a limited number of respawns so if you get hit 1-4 times depending on the game and what team your on. Sometimes we get unlimited which is kinda annoying. And Im just gonna say this up front when I "die" I try to get back to where I was as soon as possible so I may be guilty...:p

    BTW I play cqb
  8. jarhead88

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    new york
    i know it's not fun sitting out in the spawn area but there has to be some sort of consequence for being hit.. for most of the game types... maybe TDM or other types aren't so bad but KOTH, Domination, pilot down and other games should have a benefit if you hit some guys, you should be able to start trimming down the enemy force so you can get to the objective..
    just my thought....
  9. soviet

    soviet New Member

    A medic maybe? That might solve that problem.
  10. g_love

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    While I agree a respawn time is necessary, one of the worst things is when your respawn zone gets surrounded, and you can't even get back in the game.
  11. jarhead88

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    new york
    I agree, spawn camping is bad, there should be a blocked path out to the field or a rule of "if you can see the spawn you are too close"
  12. Grudge

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    I know for our events the respawn is decided by game. But if there are to many komakazies then the respawn time can get changed. I know there are some guys that play at our local indoor facility that do a one shot one kill game. You get shot you are done for the game. The first few games guys go nuts but after sitting out for a while waiting for the next round, they begin to get a little smarter and the rounds last longer. No more komakazi action!
  13. jarhead88

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    new york
    That's what I'm saying.. Couldn't agree more... if there is a longer respawn or you are out of the game maybe you won't rush like rambo and play smart, more tactical about the way you move around... more like the real military training...
    I now I wasn't taught in the Marines to rush stupidly into crowds ...haha doesn't end well....