Your Thoughts on Pistol Lanyards

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    Hey guys. I see a lot of people running pistol lanyards, and others tend to go without them for their own reasons. I'm contemplating getting one, but I'm rather short (5'4ish), so I feel like even if I got a lanyard and mounted it on my belt, it wouldn't help unless it were short as well. What're your thoughts on the things? Useful? Waste of cash?
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    I had a lanyard, then I stopped using it. I'm about your size OP and it didn't work very well, I'd have to wrap the cord around my belt a few times to keep it short enough. When I did run it I never saw much use. My SERPA keeps my pistol locked in nice and tight and so there really wasn't much of a point.

    It was more of a hindrance since I'd leave it on a table with the lanyard on and then turn around to talk to a friend and it'd whip around. Maybe I just suck at using them but I've never found them to be a worthy investment.
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    Those are my main concerns, sniperfifer. My current vest is a OE Tech Crossdraw, and the holster I run my handgun in likes to let my handgun go crashing to the ground, even after secure fastening. Now the sight is off-alignment, among things.

    Edit: JakeBWorth thanks for linking the other thread, by the way.
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    The solution to your problem isn't a lanyard. You need a better holster solution and a better vest. Get something Kydex with a trigger guard latch or a secure thumb break. Run it as a drop leg or if you really want it on your vest, mount it on your chest.

    Crossdraws are terrible for a number of reasons, pistol retention being just one of many. Read my post here to learn about the others: