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    Intro Thread: What's up Airsoft Society?!?

    I'm new to Airsoft. My second event will be Operation: Shores of Tripoli II so I'm still learning.

    Always enjoyed playing soldier growing up and find that I gravitate toward military simulation video games, such as Battlefield 3.

    I play playstation games, enjoy wheeling in my jeep, fly RC planes, and race RC mini-Z (1/28th scale) cars.

    Work as a medical HL7 interface specialist / Senior Level Analyst/Programmer in the University of Michigan health system.

    Currently I've only got some woodland BDUs and black gear (which I hope to remedy soon as the budget allows) replacing with more appropriate gear.

    Running a VFC HK416 with stock internals. All and all got what I needed to get to a game with a good starting weapon platform and some cheap-o gear that will be replaced soon as I can.

    You can find me mostly on the MIA (michigan airsoft) boards as that's my local.
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    Ann Arbor
    Welcome to the forum, its cool to see another Michigan airsofter.

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    Welcome. Enjoy your stay here at Airsoft Society.