Z-Tactical COMTAC Mic Issues

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    I have a pair of Z-Tactical Comtacs and I love them so far. Well, until this issue came up. I can still receive audio from other radios. I've even checked my PTT and tried using other headsets with it, and the PTT comes out OK. So this leaves the mic or some wiring issues inside the comtacs to blame. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem or knows what to do? I Don't know where to start on taking apart the headset, nor do I know if I need to since a replacement mic is fairly cheap. Any help would be GREATLY appretiated!!
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    I couldn't really understand what was wrong with the headset, could you tell us again please?

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    Been using mine for a few years now and zero problems.
    I would try different radios to see if it's the radio or radio-comm thing.
    Another thing to question is do you get it on certain fields or around certain players? I've been on a couple of fields where players have modded their comms system and it interferes with other radios.

    The other question what radios are you getting feedback from? That is to say what conversation(s) are you hearing? Are you getting random chatter, game chatter...? This is a problem I sometimes have if I don't use a sub-channel on my radio OR I use a sub-channel relatively close to others users.

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    sorry, Badler. The problem was that I was able to receive but not transmit. The radio works on its own. I've used a different headset in the same PTT and it can transmit and receive. However, my Comtacs can't transmit, the channel goes busy and you can hear static, but no noise.

    I'm testing this with my two radios Buster. I have a Cobra radio at full volume set about 10 feet away and then I'm trasnmitting through a Baofeng UV-5R. When the comtacs failed during game, I was still hearing people, just not able to reply and can't do it now either
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    Hi! I have the same problem. can you tell me how you fixed it?