Zephyr Airsoft Field has become Channel Islands Airsoft in Ventura!

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    Channel Islands Airsoft (CIA) has taken over operation of the Operation Zephyr airsoft field in Ventura. Check out their new website at: http://www.ChannelIslandsAirsoft.com. Same field, same games, same awesome experience. :grin:
    Upcoming Game Dates:


    Try out your new gear and guns after Black Friday at the field and take advantage of the Battle Buddy promotion! Bring a friend to CIA and get a rental package for the day for just $10! (does not include admission for either player).

    * Full Seal, Ballistic goggles with strap required
    * No firing in the parking lot, test airsoft guns in the chrono booth
    * Barrel covers are required in the parking lot (not provided)
    * Bio BBs required

    Walk on or signup at Zephyr Airsoft Store 2970 Seaborg Ave Ventura, CA 93003 805-275-2040

    CIA Schedule (Tentative)
    08:30 - 9:00 - Sign in and Chrono
    09:00 - 9:30 - Assembly and mandatory safety meeting
    09:30 - Mission 1
    10:30 - Mission 2
    11:30 - Mission 3
    12:30 - 1:15 - Lunch
    01:15 - Mission 4
    02:15 - Mission 5

    Rentals are available if they are reserved the business day before the game date. Contact 805-620-1444

    Channel Islands Airsoft: http://www.channelislandsairsoft.com
    Game hosted at PaintBall USA Ventura
    5011 W Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA
    (805) 620-1444
    (805) 585-2227

    Exit the 101 off of S Victoria Avenue (Going North turn left) (Going South you will head left along Valentine Rd make a left, then a right onto S Victoria)
    Continue down S Victoria Avenue and turn right on W Gonzales Rd
    Look for the blue sign and turn right on the road before it. Continue straight down the dirt road making a slight left.
    You will arrive at Paintball USA, follow the airsoft signs to the left to find the event! We have our own parking, do not park on the paintball field's parking please.

    CIA Rules summary
    Call your hits!
    Mesh, sunglasses, safety glasses, perforated steel not permitted as eye protection.
    Bang Bang if within 10 feet.
    400 fps pistols and AEGs.
    500 fps snipers.
    Grenades and 40mm shells permitted.
    6mm BB devices only.
    Special weapons approved on a case by case basis.
    10 foot kill radius on 'detonating' grenades.
    knife kills, and meleee weapons not permitted.
    Barrel covers provided and must be used at the event.
    SAW weapons and box mags not permitted.
    Bio BB's required (You receive a bag with your entry fee).
    Max FPS 400 - Bolt Action Snipers - 500.
    No Mesh eye Protection.
    Under 18 requires full face coverage.
    Over 18 requires a full seal ansi rated goggle.
    No pyrotechnics.
    Have a great time!