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Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by Atindle72, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Atindle72

    Atindle72 New Member

    Ok guys, I've seen a lot of RPG threads around the forums but I can't seem to find one about a zombie apocolypse so I'm going to start this one off.

    How it work is you post what you have on you or anything that can be quickly gathered within a 3 minute time frame. I will be participating in this RPG as well as controllig the events that take place and NPCs.

    Rules are simple, avoid unbelievable objects (excluding the idea of a zombie apocalypse) and if you want PM me for ideas and well make this a long adventure.

    We'll begin in the middle of a large city during a massive wave of infected rushing the streets. Each of our firsts posts will have to be detailed enough so that we can tie then together. Everyone will have to be on there own for a bit until we can meet up at a central location like the lobby of an apartment building, but the problems will occur as normal. At the moment there is no military help because of the speedy spread of the disease. The only goal..... survive.

    I have:
    Cut off t shirt
    8" pocket knife
    Barretta M9 (15 rounds & 1 extra mag)
    Some rope (in backpack)
    Bottles of water (5)(in backpack)
    Canned food(5)(in backpack)

    I pack my backpack quick sliding things off the table into it. The screams of people outside only rattles my nerves more. Gunfire doesn't stop. Ever since they came in town there's been sirens, screams more gunfire and moans echoing though the streets. I open the door to my apartment building just as some people from a room upstairs rush down. The stairs are narrow and an easy place to get cornered. Which way do we go?
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  2. Urbanprodigy

    Urbanprodigy New Member

    There was on on zombies and this will soon be closed I'm guessing

  3. VTMZ

    VTMZ Active Member

    Shifty doesn't like the RPGs
  4. Njnewland

    Njnewland New Member Lifetime Supporter

    No more RPGs. We have already closed several.
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